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"After having my commercial building listed for almost two years with nearly no showings and without a single offer, I
decided to change agents. Steven Thompson was referred to me and within two months my property was sold. As soon as
Steven acquired my listing, he diligently went to work promoting my property through the conventional real estate sites
as well as secondary sites such as Craigslist. I believe Steven thought outside the box to bring me every single potential
buyer out there. The end result was a quick sale with no hassle or issues and a selling price I was very pleased to
receive."  - Kay C.

"I have known Steven Thompson for approximately 15 years, first socially and more recently as a realtor. Steve is a
Northshore native and he and his family have been involved in business endeavors in this area for a couple of

Steve has a unique insight into north shore real estate, both commercial and residential. His indepth knowledge of
neighborhoods, school districts, and traffic patterns for commuters, can be invaluable to someone new to the north shore.
Also his understanding of house mechanics, i.e. plumbing, electrical, heating, renovations, and his relationship with
tradesmen who can perform these services can be most helpful to a buyer or seller.

Steve is well versed and does a great job of walking his clients through the intricacies of the listing/closing processes and
can be depended upon to “carry through” on the smallest details. Buying/selling a home can be a stressful undertaking
and Steve’s stedfast, calm demeanor can be very reassuring to his clients. If you need a realtor for the north shore I
would highly recommend Steven Thompson."  - James L.

"Steven Thompson played an integral part in us locating a new commercial property for our rapidly growing business, New
Orleans Famous Sno-Balls To Go. Being a company that manufactures a product, we are limited by city codes as to where
we can conduct business. Steven listened to our needs and did not waste any time showing us properties that he knew
would not work. Ultimately, the perfect location was found in Hammond and it will provide our business with the space we
currently need and allow for future growth. Throughout the entire process, Steven was at no time inaccessible. He took
calls early in the morning and well into the evening and made sure all our needs were met. Steven Thompson comes
highly recommended by this very satisfied buyer." - Christopher C.
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